10 Reasons to Visit the Natural Wonders of Uganda

//10 Reasons to Visit the Natural Wonders of Uganda

10 Reasons to Visit the Natural Wonders of Uganda

Natural Wonders of Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda Wonders

For travellers heading to Africa, Uganda is a must-see destination. Nature has gifted this country with stunning landscapes, beautiful waterways, fascinating wildlife and warm people. Here are 10 reasons to visit Uganda on your next vacation.

  1. See The Mountains, Rivers and Lakes

From high mountain ranges through cascading waterfalls to the birthplace of the Nile River, Uganda is filled with many wonders of the natural world. Be sure to visit Murchison Falls, Lake Victoria, the Virunga Mountains and the Rwenzori Mountains for a one-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

  1. Get Friendly with the Primates

The catalogue of primates living in Uganda is the reason it is known as the primate capital of the world. The array of creatures that call Uganda home is broad and diverse, including monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas of all sizes and shapes. Be sure to arrange a safari expedition or schedule a visit to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park so you can experience these amazing primates.

  1. Delight in the Sensational Climate

The climate of Ugandan favors both agriculture and tourism with its two distinctive seasons. The wet season with heavy rainfall runs between April and October, and the dry season from November to March. Temperature vary across different locations but in the capital, Kampala daytime temperatures range from 29 °C (84 °F) between January and March to 27 °C (81 °F) between June and August; night temperatures are more stable, hovering around 17/18 °C (63/64 °F) throughout the year.

  1. See What all the Fuss is About

Uganda has drawn accolades and high praise from National Geographic, Lonely Planet and CNN.

“With its diverse landscapes, natural beauty, and warm and inviting people, Uganda is one of East Africa’s gems. Set out to discover the country’s many wonders, from sparkling crater lakes to legendary wildlife. Venture into the jungle to spot chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in their native habitat, and learn about conservation of these remarkable species. Delve into Uganda’s turbulent history and modern-day culture, and experience its colorful traditions firsthand.” — National Geographic

“With a tapestry of landscapes, excellent wildlife watching and welcoming locals, Uganda packs a lot into one small country. It is home to Africa’s tallest mountain range (the Rwenzoris), the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river and the continent’s largest lake. Rafting the Nile offers a world-class adrenaline adventure, but the country’s most iconic experience is tracking mountain gorillas in their misty habitat. And if you view the Big Five, you’ll see that nature – diverse and resplendent – looms large here.” — Lonely Planet

  1. Enjoy All Types of Accommodation — Budget, Midrange & Luxury

However much you want to spend on your accommodation in Uganda, there are many different properties to choose from. You can stay in a hotel or apartment in Kampala, relax in a lakeside lodge in Jinja, or experience one of the safari camps or hostels. All budgets and tastes are catered for here.

  1. Experience World Famous National Parks

Uganda’s 10 national parks are the perfect place to see wildlife up close and personal. Murchison Falls National Park is the largest, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second largest, Bwindi impenetrable National Park is the home of mountain gorillas, Kibale Forest National Park is the home of Chimpanzees, Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park is a virgin destination for wildlife viewing in Africa. Of all the parks, the most visited are Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offering some of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the country.

  1. Discover the African Community Spirit

The indigenous people of Uganda are ancient hunters and gatherers such as the Batwa and Karamajong communities. Visit these tribes of bushpeople to learn about their long cultural history including unique hunting techniques, warrior traditions, food preparation, homestead construction, fire rituals, song and dance, and clothing customs.

  1. Savor Delicious Fresh Foods

Ugandan food is arguably the best in Africa. Only in Uganda will you find such a vast array of fresh food including tropical fruits, vegetables and varieties of recently caught fish. Each tribe or region has its own delicacy or specialty including dishes featuring potatoes, yams, maize, nuts, sesame, green bananas, pineapples, bamboo shoots, fish and beans.

  1. Meet the People & Their Culture

There are a wide range of ethnic groups who live in Uganda with many different languages spoken. The Ugandan people are hospitable and welcome visitors to their villages and homes. Every tribe has unique customs regarding their art, music, dance, food, marriage, family and kinship.

  1. Attend Amazing Festivals

Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts (August) – a four day celebration on Lunkulu Island off the shores of Lake Victoria, focusing on arts and culture in Uganda.  Bringing together music, film, dance, theatre and visual arts.

Kampala Rolex Food Festival (August) — In Uganda, the Rolex is the country’s favourite snack, a sandwich made up of an omelette and chapati bread, and it derives its name from a play on the words “rolled eggs”. At the festival, Indian, Mexican and Kenyan chefs all offer their own special takes on the sandwich.

Nyege Nyege International Music Festival (September) — Nyege Nyege takes its inspiration from the legendary World Festival of the Black Arts that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966. The festival showcases the connections between Africa and the rest of the world featuring Afro Diaspora with Cumbia from South America, voodoo jazz from Haiti and underground hip hop from America.


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