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Wildlife,Birding and Culture Tours

Rafiki Eco-Safaris offers great travels and tours to the wilderness. We cater for the inbound traveler and groups, planning their Safari to the Pearl of Africa.We create friendly experiences for the travellers, that is sustainable to the wildlife,environment and responsible to the local communities.

At Rafiki Eco-Safaris we believe that travel gets people together and contributes to better understanding of nations, its people and cultures.

Our team

Rafiki Eco Safaris team is  passionate about tourism,having travelled Uganda and East Africa.It is composed of professional guides who will make your trip memorable.

Why Rafiki name ?

Rafiki is a friend in Swahili. Kiswahili language is a Bantu language and the mother tongue of the Swahili people. It is spoken by various communities inhabiting the African Great Lakes region that includes countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ugandans are known to be friendly people with great hospitality across the world. At Rafikisafarisug we treat you as a friend when you arrive in Uganda.

Safari & tours is what we do best… We cater for the inbound travelers and groups, planning their first African Safari as well as to groups wishing to visit Africa. Our service covers the quoting, advising, booking & implementing of Safaris.Exciting activities await you on your safari.Uganda a fusion of colorful cultures,birds and wildlife will give you an enriching  experience.

Our Partners

The tourism industry is a collaboration of several stakeholders and Rafiki Eco-Safaris is proud to be associated with Uganda Safari Guides Association , Uganda Tourism Board,Nature Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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