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At Rafiki Eco Safaris we are dedicated to make your trip memorable.

Why travel with us?

Passionate and knowledgeable Guides

Our passionate and knowledgeable team will always be in touch to make your trip a success and ensure personal touch throughout the entire trip. They are close at hand to answer your questions, organise your transport and take care of any other needs you may have.


At Rafiki Safaris we have created exhilarating and memorable experiences that fits the travellers interests. We have you covered in all areas of sightseeing, wildlife, community visits and birding to suit your interests.

Giving back

Today the world is faced with a number of sustainable tourism challenges. We have managed to interact and forge the right relationships to help solve the world’s challenges in tourism. We endorse the conservation efforts by ensuring the resources earned from your visits flow to these sustainable tourism programs thus creating jobs and improving livelihoods.

Choice of transport and accommodation

We make the right choice for your travel and accommodation that suits your interests and tastes. We are also flexible to make changes if the required transport and accommodation is available. Any extensions can done before you travel or after the tour.

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