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At Rafiki Eco Safaris we are committed to protecting consumer privacy.

Gathering information

When you submit an enquiry to us by email or through any affiliated booking platforms, we ask for some personal information such as Full Names, Email, Telephone, and Country.

We do not gather information related to your credit card details or any other sensitive information on our website.

Sharing Information

Your information is only shared with our recognized partners and local representatives that are associated with the trip like lodges, hotels, airlines (if any), and National parks.

Blog or newsletter subscription

If you are subscribed to our blog or newsletter, you are free to opt out or unsubscribe. Your details will automatically be removed from the list.


Cookies are text files that track visitors to websites. Cookies enable us get feedback on how the website has been used. This information goes a long way to support us improve the site. No identifiable personal information is attached although we can see how the visitors have gone around the site.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Any update will be posted to the privacy page. We will also notify the website users who have chosen to be updated by email on changes of the policy.

Working Hours

8.00am to 6.00pm

Days of the week: Mon. to Sat.

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