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Murchison Falls National Park, previously known as Kabalega Falls(named after the famous King of Bunyoro Kingdom) is home to one of the powerful falls that provides a scenic beauty for visitors to the park.At the top of the Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 7 metres (23 ft) wide, and tumbles 43 metres (141 ft) forming a rainbow, before flowing westward into Lake Albert.

Sir Samuel and Florence Baker were the first Europeans to find them.Baker named them after Sir Roderick Murchison, President of the Royal Geographical Society. The falls lend their name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park.

A few metres away from the Murchison Falls, Uhuru Falls came into existence in 1962, the same year Uganda got independence.

It is called Uhuru Falls for two reasons. To celebrate Uganda’s Independence Day, 9th October 1962 and because the falls were actually formed in 1962. In 1962, Uganda received heavy rainfall which forced part of Murchison Falls to create a tributary that formed the second falls, named Uhuru. Since then, the falls has created a spectacular view and are often  referred to as twin falls.

The National Park is also a habitat to a variety of wildlife and birds,76 mammal species and 451 bird species making it a perfect destination for your memorable holiday.

The mammals that can seen in this park include the Elephants, buffaloes, giraffe, lions, oribis, Hartebeests, Leopards, Uganda Kobs, leopards and many more. Along  the river banks other animals can be seen like the waterbucks, hippos in the famous hippo pool,  and crocodiles.

Birds that can be seen include Green-winged Ptyilia, White-rumped Seed-eater,Spotted and Verreauxa Owls, Long-tailed and Pennat-winged Nightjar, Goliath Heron, Saddle-billed Stork, Grey-crowned Crane, Long-toed Plover,African Fish Eagle, Cattle egrets,Love birds,African Jacana and Shoe bill at the delta.

Boat rides or launch trips to the bottom of the falls is one of the top activities available.Another boat ride will take you to the delta where the River Nile flows into  Lake Albert and you may be rewarded with the Shoe bill bird and other birds.

Budongo Forest can be added to your itinerary.It is home to chimpanzees and several bird life.Activities that can be done in the forest include guided nature walks,chimp tracking and birding and Chimpanzee habituation that involves staying with the chimps for a full day to learn their behaviour.

Enjoy your trip to this scenic National Park to enjoy the powerful waterfall,game viewing and also visit the communities around the Park like the Boomu Women Group.

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