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Uganda is home to the endangered Mountain Gorilla.You can track them in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and 50% of the world’s Gorillas (est.400) live in Uganda.

You need to be physically fit to walk up and down the hill.It can take about five hours to track them and 1 hour to view them in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park .

It is a humbling and rewarding experience when you finally see these chest thumpingSilverbacks when you come face to face with these giant primates.

The ranger guides are  knowledgeable about their whereabouts by noting their foot prints,droppings,sensing their movements in the forest and will interpret the flora and fauna in the forest and share with you the lifestyle of the Gorillas.

The travel time to the park is approximately 6 to 7 hours by road and  two and half hours by air.

Only persons aged 15 and above are allowed to track the gorillas.It is recommended to book early about 3 to 4 months before your trip and  a maximum group size of 8 on each gorilla visit is allowed.

Other activities are possible that include a visit to the Batwa community(original Inhabitants of the forest),nature walks and Bird watching.

Gorilla trekking guidelines: Gorillas are susceptible to human diseases.The guide lines are put in place to minimize the disease transmission (if any) and also for your safety on your tracking trip.

1.Please consider appropriate clothing and equipment for tracking. ie hiking shoes,sun screen,Insect repellent,rain coat. Remember to carry packed lunch too.

2.Keep a distance of seven metres while viewing them.

3.Your guide will explain the rules on how to behave around the gorillas.

4.Flash photography is not allowed.However personal non flash photos and filming is allowed.

5.Please turn your head away if you have the urge to cough or sneeze while near the Gorillas to minimize the spread of bacteria or viruses.

6.If you are feeling ill, or you are carrying a contagious disease, volunteer to stay behind. An alternate visit will be arranged for you, or you will be refunded your money.

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