1 Day Source of the River Nile Jinja tour

/1 Day Source of the River Nile Jinja tour
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Visit the genuine source of the Nile. Watch fishermen throwing their nets to catch the fish for their latest dinner and sales. River Nile, the longest river in Africa, flows from south to north toward the Mediterranean Sea. You will pass through Lugazi which is a sugar cane town and tea plantations.

The Source of the Nile is the original place where River Nile starts its maiden journey to Mediterranean sea. It travels 4000miles.It takes 3 months to complete the journey to the Mediterranean sea.

Jinja town is best known as the location of the source of the river Nile and was a famous business hub for Asians in the 1970s. However the Asians have been returning in good numbers to resume their trading. Unlike in the 1970s where they dominated the trade, today even locals have since joined business mainly in the retail shops and supermarkets. Jinja is also attractive to other investments in the hospitality industry.

Jinja is about 84km away from Kampala City. Travelling time is about 1hour 30minutes to 2hours.

Trip Highlights:

  • Boat ride to the point where the Nile it starts its journey to Mediterranean Sea.
  • Mabira forest -Nature walk, birding.
  • Sezibwa falls – a famous cultural site for Buganda kingdom subjects. Enjoy the scenic Sezibwa falls.
  • Mabira Forest- Is home to over 300 species of birds and over 218 kinds of butterflies. There are over 312 tree and plant species. You will also find lots of monkey and other mammals in Mabira Forest walking underneath this canopy of an African Rainforest is a memorable experience.
  • Zipling in Mabira forest tree canopies.